Hello and welcome...

...to the heart of the Odd Eye Network! My name is Rose and this is my little home where all of my current projects which are hosted in the world wide web will be displayed. And lastly, a quick tip: Click on the preview images to redirect to the following projects.

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Current projects on the run...

Odd Eye

Odd Eye is the heart to the network which has been officially opened in June 2017, but used to be known under a different name. Here I will showcase all of my past, current as well as possible upcoming projects.

Rose :: 2017-07-07 :: Hosted by Namecheap


Zyglavister was the first website to have opened for this network and has been up for the longest among all domains I have owned. It serves as a graphic and resource site as well as a personal blog. A merged designer portfolio and online diary.

Rose :: 2016-09-09 :: Hosted by Prism Hosting


Venirose is an archive containing all sorts of written works I have written over the years. May it be school works or original fiction, everything will be archived and showcase in here. I can't promise any good stories to read tho.

Rose :: 2017-06-28 :: Hosted by Prism Hosting

Prism Hosting

Prism serves as a hosting service for people who might be looking for a cheap and on top of that, affordable host. It offers cPanel accounts, Softaculous, several features and so much more. Go check it out now!

Rose :: 2017-07-13 :: Hosted by Prism Hosting


TSUBASA is an Asianfanfics based layout/theme gallery, created and owned by yours truly. All codings are available for Asianfanfics users only. Any alterations to make those valid for other websites are almost impossible.

Rose :: 2014-04-13 :: Based in Asianfanfics


Time Travel is my personal layout/theme gallery for profile and character codings available for Roleplay Republic users only. It was officially made public in September 2016. More layouts are currently on work.

Rose :: 2016-04-29 :: Based in Roleplay Republic